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Clean and organize your e-mail lists. Keep only real e-mails and improve delivery. Furthermore, find and remove invalid and duplicated e-mails.

Reduce investiment in e-mail marketing campaign, reducing invalid e-mails and bounces

Bring together + hundred users already using CheckMail Desktop


  • Reduce sharply the e-mail traffic time of your user server
  • Allow only real customer prospects with valid e-mails
  • Reduce the number of bounce e-mails, increasing your credibility in mail marketing campaigns
  • 5 levels to validate e-mails

What else?

Save your money Low Cost, without montly payment License valid for 6 months, during the vigence you have free support

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How To

More information, visit CheckMail Youtube Channel

Geo Localization Grid and Chart

Using technology Free IP, it is possible to locate e-mail origin. The validator has three geo locations providers. Choose one of these and have fun.  Limitation: 10.000 queries per hour

Geo Localization


  • Easy utilization
  • Verify e-mail authenticity
  • English and portuguese support
  • Remove duplicated e-mails
  • Real time Charts
  • Geo Localization

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We can Download and use this software anytime, anywhere. Limitation:  We can validate 10 e-mails per time.

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How It Works

CheckMail Desktop allows validate 5 levels during validation process

A Record
SMTP (*)

* Validate SMTP is a optional step. Remember that this option generate strong delay and does not guarantee validation process.

TRY IT NOW – Download Free Version And Have Fun
Buy It Now – The Best E-mail Validator

Full Version

$48006 months
  • Free Support (Portuguese and English)



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